Music Geekery: Rediscover This Album

or discover it for the first time. the kinks are the village green preservation society. go listen. do it. now.

One day we’ll be free, we won’t care, just you see
‘Til that day can be, don’t let it get you down
When I feel that the world is too much for me
I think of the Big Sky, and nothing matters much to me.

Big Sky looked down on all the people who think they got problems
They get depressed and they hold their head in their hands and cry.
People lift up their hands and they look up to the Big Sky
But Big Sky is too big to sympathize

thanks to dave for bringing it up yesterday. always there to remind me of what’s really good and what’s really not.

i felt weird this morning, as if yesterday afternoon happened weeks ago. sometimes the night is so long and so densely packed with strange dreams i lose track of all time.


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  1. #1 by philf on September 1, 2012 - 6:17 pm

    I ❤ this album and also the one immediately preceding it SOMETHING ELSE, which were given to me as one cd. there are of course many great Kinks records and I dig the garage /psyche, but these two rise to my top!

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