I’m a sad nerd

i made this survey

These things are Important
Favorite Pixies song Bone Machine
Favorite movie with Crispin Glover River’s Edge
Favorite Jerri Blank qoute but my vagina’s all puffy
Favorite line from an episode of Mr. Show Tofutti Break!
Favorite Family Guy character it’s a tie between brian and stewie
Meatwad-sexy? yesh
Favorite thing in which to put lots of vodka Cranberry or tomato juice
Favorite cup size a full C
Most acceptable penis length (or least?) 6 inches is good right?
Where will you be for the apocolypse? at my computer ūüė¶
Least favorite person Mr. President
Most favorite person Do cats count?
SeXXXiest person Still looking
Sex for money-bad idea? i wouldn’t, but i do love hookers
Don’t you just love this song? I love your body
You don’t wanna beat me or screw me? Both
Pills or pot? Pills
Acid or mushrooms? mushrooms
Coke or speed? speed
Favorite potato dish seasoned crispy french fries
Blanche, Rose, Dorothy or Sofia? blanche
Braces-sexy? totally sexy
Leg braces- sexy? even more sexy
Oral or anal? oral
Retards-sexy? yessssssssss

i need a life.

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