silly photos, stupid ravers, moving and other things

firstly, here are some pics shona took of me on friday night after a few glasses of  wine. see shona, i’m not so vain, these pictures are totally unflattering. i really do look like a muppet. it’s amazing. and slightly frightening.

saturday night i went to a wherehouse “party” with angel. and dang, how i have changed in the last 7 years. i used to go to raves frequently, from ages 16-19. yeah yeah, go ‘head, laugh it up, it’s funny. but keep in mind, i also used to have a moderate to serious drug problem. so looking back now, it’s not hard to remember how i could have had so much fun at those. but saturday night’s party was a lot things, none of them could be described as fun. maybe i’m just old. and bitter. and like people a lot less than i used to. but let me say that if i hadn’t gotten in for free, i would have demanded my 25 dollars back. 3 smallish rooms of mediocre music. carpeted floors (!). crappy ass smoke machines. 15 year olds on shitloads of drugs. and anyone who looked like they were around my age, or older, looked as if they have taken upwards of 500 hits of ecstasy. so needless to say, that was my last party of that nature. no more for me. i’ll stick to dancing in grown up venues. or maybe just having a drink in a bar…….

i got some boxes on saturday. i am really moving away. 3 weeks from today! holy shit. i feel there are so many things i need to do. so many people i want to see and talk to before i go. i started cleaning up my desk at work today. i have given away some of my things (angel, you can have that guitar anytime, we have blues songs to write). i will start to pack my stuff soon. it hasn’t happened yet, but i know very soon i am going to cry. a lot. probably the entire christmas weekend. crying because i’m going to miss my people. but crying also because i’m happy and excited about this next phase of life and that it’s happening with someone i’m deeply love with.

overall i had a great weekend. hung out with friends, old and new, soaked up oakland and berkeley and all its magical weirdness.

that’s it for now. carry on.

p.s. how excited am i to see brokeback mountain? very. (hot, gay cowboys! )

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