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Silver Jews

I have always enjoyed writing. I never was sure if I was particularly great at it, but I loved it anyway. I remember being in first grade and writing a story about a bear. I don’t remember what the bear was doing. Most likely just doing some mundane bear type activities like shitting in the […]

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First writing exercise

I am from my nana’s eating scrambled eggs with ketchup novellas on the TV shoes slipping on vinyl runners I am from my grandma’s house red carpets, white couches a rooftop I could climb to and watch over the neighborhood I am from a little duplex with a stepdad and loud voices so many ashtrays […]

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Going Public

I have made this page officially public. Not that that means anyone is actually going to read it. But they could, if they wanted to.¬† All the “Old Blog” posts are staying here. I may even post more of my old journals. I like the idea of having a long time span represented. Posted the […]


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