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Trampoline Abuse

The other day my son jumped off a play structure and hit himself in his own face with his knee. It hurt and he was upset. When he recovered and stopped crying a few minutes later I decided to tell him a story that might cheer him up. I told him the tale of how […]

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I’ve been googling unicorn cakes today. My daughter’s turning two in a couple months and I’ve decided that the theme is unicorns. She has not expressed any interest in unicorns. Obviously I am the one with the unicorn fetish so I’m just indulging myself before she gets old enough to have her own opinion. I […]

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Apartment Life – The Darkest Studio

In December 2004 I moved into the fifth in a series of six apartments all within one block of each other. It was just after the Maggot Incident in the basement apartment. There was an available place on the first floor. The first thing I noticed about the apartment was how dark it was. It […]

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Music Geekery: Twin Shadow

I went to see Twin Shadow last night. As expected, it was quite a show. George Lewis Jr. has got it going on. I was thinking about writing a show review. I have written a couple for different concerts in the past. But I started thinking about it and realized that writing a review of […]

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Teen Angst

My BFF, Shona, put out the first part of her post about Bay Area zines from the 90’s. I am lucky enough to be featured in this post. You should definitely check it out here. I thought I’d make a little post about my zine. I flipped through it last night and was amused by […]

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True Words

“Your penis has a little brain and then it wants to do whatever it does.” Said by my three and a half year old yesterday. I’m not big on parenting blogs, or telling the world about every little cute thing my kids do, but this had to go on the internet somewhere. Who knew a […]

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Film Nerdiness: Taking a poll

Kind readers of blogland, Please tell me what your favorite 80’s teen movie is. Not just in the comedy genre, but of any genre. I want to do some film nerd blogs in the near future and would love some input. Also, you don’t have to narrow it down to one. Tell me all your […]

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