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Film Nerdiness: Taking a poll

Kind readers of blogland, Please tell me what your favorite 80’s teen movie is. Not just in the comedy genre, but of any genre. I want to do some film nerd blogs in the near future and would love some input. Also, you don’t have to narrow it down to one. Tell me all your […]

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Film Nerdiness: Mirrors

This post has nothing to do with writing. I am just indulging my inner film nerd with a random post about scenes in movies that involve mirrors. I watched Wanderlust the other day and one of the best scenes involves Paul Rudd going off the deep end talking about his dick. It’s a scene that […]

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Film Nerdiness: Disappointing Serial Killer Biopics

where are all the good ones? why don’t they get made? i watched the hillside strangler movie last night. with c. thomas howell. awful. just awful. the highlight of the movie, aside from c. thomas howell looking creepier than ever, was one part where his cousin tells him to “hurry up, this pussy’s gettin’ cold!” […]

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