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At eighteen I was living in Hayward, the place I grew up in. I had a job at Walgreens as a photo clerk (I will have to post a blog someday about my collection of weird pictures I found at that job). I worked there for a little over a year and had spent most […]

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A Carol Wright Christmas

I’ve always been a fan of As Seen On TV crap. I haven’t actually bought much of it in my life, I just love the idea of it. I like to imagine the process that each one of these items goes through from being dreamed up by some maniac all the way to being marketed […]

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I’ve been googling unicorn cakes today. My daughter’s turning two in a couple months and I’ve decided that the theme is unicorns. She has not expressed any interest in unicorns. Obviously I am the one with the unicorn fetish so I’m just indulging myself before she gets old enough to have her own opinion. I […]

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