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Apartment Life – The Darkest Studio

In December 2004 I moved into the fifth in a series of six apartments all within one block of each other. It was just after the Maggot Incident in the basement apartment. There was an available place on the first floor. The first thing I noticed about the apartment was how dark it was. It […]

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Silver Jews

I have always enjoyed writing. I never was sure if I was particularly great at it, but I loved it anyway. I remember being in first grade and writing a story about a bear. I don’t remember what the bear was doing. Most likely just doing some mundane bear type activities like shitting in the […]

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Going Public

I have made this page officially public. Not that that means anyone is actually going to read it. But they could, if they wanted to.¬† All the “Old Blog” posts are staying here. I may even post more of my old journals. I like the idea of having a long time span represented. Posted the […]


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