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Unicorn Power

Remember that unicorn cake I talked about wanting to make? Giant strawberry jam cake.               Unicorn outline.                   Cream cheese frosting.                   Skittles!                     […]

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My Mom and Other Thoughts

My mom celebrated fourteen years of sobriety on September 5. She spent the night at my house the night before and woke up to her grandchildren climbing all over her. I made pancakes and sausage. We watched some cartoons and then we went to her house and spent the day together. We went to the […]

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No Reverse

My mom has had bad luck with two things, basically her entire life: men and cars. Some of my first childhood memories involve her tiny, brown Toyota Celica that at some point hit a bicyclist, while I was in the car with her. She also owned an Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme from the 70’s. It was […]

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