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Music Geekery: Dusted and Perfume Genius and a Perfect Venue

Last night I went to a show at a venue I’d never been to before. Dusted opened for Perfume Genius at the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco. I’ve been to a lot good shows this year but I think this might have been my favorite thus far. Sometimes going to shows sober can be […]

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Gratitude, Seven Things, and Lovely Blogs

I’m finally sitting down to write my official acceptance blog. Miss Four Eyes nominated me for two awards, the “Inspiring Blog Award” and “One Lovely Blog Award.” As I said before, I am oh so very flattered by this. Miss Four Eyes is a thoughtful and funny writer and I feel proud that she enjoys […]

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Music Geekery: Future Islands

I discovered Future Islands one night on the way to a party. It was October 15 last year. I was listening to KALX, driving alone, at night. That is something I don’t do a whole lot of in my life these days. Once upon a time driving alone at night listening to music was basically […]

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Apartment Life – The Darkest Studio

In December 2004 I moved into the fifth in a series of six apartments all within one block of each other. It was just after the Maggot Incident in the basement apartment. There was an available place on the first floor. The first thing I noticed about the apartment was how dark it was. It […]

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Music Geekery: Twin Shadow

I went to see Twin Shadow last night. As expected, it was quite a show. George Lewis Jr. has got it going on. I was thinking about writing a show review. I have written a couple for different concerts in the past. But I started thinking about it and realized that writing a review of […]

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Teen Angst

My BFF, Shona, put out the first part of her post about Bay Area zines from the 90’s. I am lucky enough to be featured in this post. You should definitely check it out here. I thought I’d make a little post about my zine. I flipped through it last night and was amused by […]

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Silver Jews

I have always enjoyed writing. I never was sure if I was particularly great at it, but I loved it anyway. I remember being in first grade and writing a story about a bear. I don’t remember what the bear was doing. Most likely just doing some mundane bear type activities like shitting in the […]

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