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Unicorn Power

Remember that unicorn cake I talked about wanting to make? Giant strawberry jam cake.               Unicorn outline.                   Cream cheese frosting.                   Skittles!                     […]

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My Mom and Other Thoughts

My mom celebrated fourteen years of sobriety on September 5. She spent the night at my house the night before and woke up to her grandchildren climbing all over her. I made pancakes and sausage. We watched some cartoons and then we went to her house and spent the day together. We went to the […]

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Trampoline Abuse

The other day my son jumped off a play structure and hit himself in his own face with his knee. It hurt and he was upset. When he recovered and stopped crying a few minutes later I decided to tell him a story that might cheer him up. I told him the tale of how […]

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True Words

“Your penis has a little brain and then it wants to do whatever it does.” Said by my three and a half year old yesterday. I’m not big on parenting blogs, or telling the world about every little cute thing my kids do, but this had to go on the internet somewhere. Who knew a […]

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Things I Won’t Miss About Drinking

There is a lot to say about why I’m not drinking anymore. But before I get into all that, something that would help me get through these first few weeks is a list of all the reminders why getting drunk isn’t great. Seems like an obvious list to make and should be easy to write. […]

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