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Apartment Life – The Basement (alternate title: Maggotron)

In the fall of 2004 I moved out of the tiniest studio and into the basement of the same building. It was a two bedroom unit. It had very low ceilings and odd carpeting that seemed to have just been laid right over dirt. There was a creepy closet next to my bedroom that we […]

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Apartment Life – The Tiniest Studio

I’ve been thinking about writing a series of stories based on all the apartments I lived in during my twenties. From 2001 to 2005 I lived in six different apartments, in two buildings that were on the same block. For the most part they were all dumps and each had its own set of miseries, […]

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Writing Exercise – The Kiss

An exercise we did in my writing class involved looking at this photograph. Each of us then chose one person from the photograph to write a story about. I chose the man in the beret. Here is what I wrote. ****** I had the dream again. It always starts out the same way. I am […]

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Autobiography in 294 Words

I made my first best friend at the age of four. We both had matching Garfield Velcro sneakers and lived in the same giant apartment building. I remember my feet getting smelly inside my jelly shoes, walking around at all the summer festivals. While my mom and stepdad fought, I’d follow as far behind them […]

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First writing exercise

I am from my nana’s eating scrambled eggs with ketchup novellas on the TV shoes slipping on vinyl runners I am from my grandma’s house red carpets, white couches a rooftop I could climb to and watch over the neighborhood I am from a little duplex with a stepdad and loud voices so many ashtrays […]

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